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Dental Practice Plan for Children

Affordable dentistry for your Children

The Practice Plan for Children is a new scheme that enables us to give the best levels of care, to children and young people under the age of 18 using optimum materials and equipment. Payment is by a regular monthly payment, which helps you to budget your household expenses. The plan is available to children of existing patients.

Every applicant will receive a free initial assessment to ascertain their dental health. Following acceptance onto the scheme, all dental care will then be covered by a regular monthly payment.

Insurance cover is provided for accidents incurred both in the UK and abroad. This includes cover whilst on holiday.

A total care package for your family

What you receive

For a regular monthly payment of £7.68, the young patient will receive:

  • Free initial assessment
  • Annual clinical examination
  • All dental treatment clinically necessary
  • Assessment of emergencies and dental pain with any temporary treatment required
  • Emergency Callout Insurance should you need a dentist in an emergency
  • Mercury-free dentistry
  • Worldwide Dental Insurance to protect against any dental emergency or accident to teeth when away from home, both in the UK and when travelling abroad.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this leaflet then please call in and speak to us.

Complete insurance cover
Active youngsters get into a few scraps from time to time and can damage their teeth. Our insurance cover protects them from unforeseen dental problems, including accidents, both at home and away from home, in the UK and worldwide.

Callout charges for dentists can be very expensive, especially abroad, and emergency treatment is not always readily available.

Whilst we sincerely hope that you will never need it, this insurance cover means that you have complete peace of mind, whatever happens.

We offer 10% discount for children if you, as a parent are a member of our Personal Dental Plan.

How to register
Registration is very simple; please call in to arrange for your child to join our Practice Plan for Children.

We look forward to serving the dental needs of your family


Our dental practice is located in the centre of Bicester.

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Our dental team

We have two dental surgeons, one hygienist, three dental nurses and two receptionists all catering to provide you with the best dental care possible.

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